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Born in Santa Monica, California, I was raised in the small bedroom community of Sunkist Park that borders Culver City, Playa del Rey, Mar Vista and Venice. I attended Venice High School, West LA Community College and California Institute of the Arts. My studies included English, English Literature, Poetry, Creative Writing, Choir, Classical Voice, Shakespeare, Musical Theater, Television and Film Acting and Art History. In 1980, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest and in 1982 I married Kurt Wolf in Corvallis, Oregon. During the course of our long journey together, I have remained devoted to not only my husband, but to my friends and family, and the arts. What defines me most is my passion for expression through art. I’m an avid reader, writer and poet.I also enjoy painting and photography. Additionally, some folks consider me a pretty good cook.

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If you have any questions about "New Prairie Woman", "Saving Susie", my "Phoetry", Montana, or writing in general, please email me directly at: GrumpySusie@msn.com — Looking forward to hearing from you. I hope you enjoy "New Prairie Woman". ~ Susie

Saturday, November 15, 2014


Hello Again to all it's been way too long since I've blogged here on New Prairie Woman. Some of you know that NPW was compromised by a meanie hacker and was down for over a year but finally unblocked by the powers that be at after  they cleared the virus out. Anyway, during that time and after, I went through my own issues and a bit of trauma in my life so writing was not on the top of my list.

New Prairie Woman will be concluded some day. When, I'm not sure. But, she will return, this I pledge to all of you, my loyal fans. In the meantime, I wanted to let you know that the cooking artist within New Prairie Woman, me, Susie Rosso Wolf, has decided out of the blue to open an online test market biscotti and confections mail order business. I opened for business in August and so far I'm very pleased with our progress. I'd like you to take a look at what I'm doing now in my life, to drop by my new website at: www.rossobiscotti.com. Please drop by to see our beautiful biscotti and chocolates and to read the history of our family recipes and how I grew to acquire them!

Thank you again for dropping in to visit me. I continue to live here out on the prairie. It is as lovely but as difficult as it ever was. A true dichotomy of splendor and torment, beauty and struggle. Looking over the snow packed prairie-land at this very moment I'm thinking of all of you who have visited here over the years and I wonder, could any of them have survived what we have gone through to live here, to sustain themselves. I don't know, I'm truly not sure for this country out here is very tough and one must be tough too to live in it. Therefore, I suppose I'm saying that this old tough gal wishes you a lovely holiday season and I pray you are all well and happy.

My heart is yours,
Susie Rosso Wolf


  1. Indeed, long time! Drop me a line and bring me up to date on you and how you are! I would love to hear from you!


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~ Susie Rosso Wolf

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