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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Retraction, May 9th, 2012

New Prairie Woman
Susie Rosso Wolf


It has been brought to my attention that I have put my big fat foot in my mouth and have become exactly what I loathe about folks who jump to conclusions about Montana, Montanans, and living life in Montana. Let me explain:
In my last Prairie Post I listed a couple of recipes for Mexican dishes to celebrate Cinco de Mayo.  In the post, I used my own personal dining experience to write the copy for the post in regards to the quality of ethnic foods here in Montana. Honestly, I meant no harm. I had no malice or maniacal intentions to hurt Montana’s food industry reputation or the good people who work hard as restaurant owners here in this incredible state. As a cook myself, I understand that food, like art, is subjective. So, the Italian food at such and such restaurant in Butte or Billings might be to die for, for one person, and the most horrid plate of dreck for another. However, having said that, I do apologize for my thoughtless manner in which I describe the lack of authenticity of the local Mexican cuisine. Although I do stand by my opinion based on my own experience, the manner in which I describe the food I have eaten here was mean spirited and insulting to those who work an honest day.
But what comes to mind more than the food and beverage industry topic itself, is once again, the nature of Montana’s people, lifestyle, personality and strength. Montana represents strength and fortitude, if not anything at all. It takes fortitude and back bone to come knocking on the door of some Californian who thinks she knows about Montana merely because she has survived a few winters here. Yes, I have disturbed the locals with my editorial and was told under no uncertain terms, that the last thing I need to do is to do “that.”
“Don’t do that. Don’t do what every other writer does who doesn't know anything about Montana. Don’t become just another writer who insults us with their opinions of our way of life when they know nothing at all about living here or what it takes to survive here. I have been reading New Prairie Woman and enjoying it because it’s different and unique and because your story is fresh and interesting. Please, don’t trash Montana or insult its people in your book. There are many great restaurants here. Have you ever eaten at Ferraro’s in Bozeman? It’s as Italian as Italian can get. People work hard here; don’t ruin their reputations by writing about something you don’t know. Don’t do that. Don’t become just another ignorant source of bad information. Don’t backslide, get back on track and tell your story.”
Wow. I had no idea. And, my anonymous source of a tongue lashing was right. I don’t know. I don’t know about Ferraro’s because I've never eaten there. Actually, I've only eaten at a handful of restaurants in Montana. It is true, as I said earlier, that according to my taste and dining expectations, I've not been impressed with Montana’s restaurants. However, based on my limited experience, my door knocker was right. I don’t know squat about Montana’s restaurants and thoughtlessly gave opinion when I had no right to. For that, I woefully apologize. Hurting Montana is the last thing I want to do. New prairie Woman is not about “that” and if you've been reading my book, you know that I love this place and have no intention of hurting it. I celebrate this magnificent place. I honor Montana, its people, wildlife, mountains, lakes and rivers, its extreme experience. And while I’m here apologizing let me say this…the fact that a local person took the time to drop by my back door speaks volumes about the people here. This young man takes pride in “The last best place,” his home. This is his home and I insulted it. Please excuse me for becoming just another ignorant source of bad information. It will not happen again……….

~ S ~

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  1. Wow, Susie. Sometimes we say what we don't intend because we do not say it right.


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