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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Prairie Post #3, May 2nd, 2012

Prairie Post # 3
New Prairie Woman
Susie Rosso Wolf

Although it's only been a couple of days since I've last posted it seems like a million years because I've been coming and going and oh so busy here tending to our little life. The old man and I were exhausted last night and this morning after an extensive day in Bozeman yesterday visiting, of all places, the many pawn shops that dot the landscape from Belgrade to the farthest corner of Bozeman. Kurt was looking for something in particular, some tool of some sort and thought maybe he could find it in a pawn shop. Never having stepped one foot in a pawn shop before I was so surprised by the plethora of odd and interesting items in these stores. At the very first place we stopped in I discovered a beautiful silver plated ladies dresser hand mirror that had my name written all over it. Although no, it wasn't sterling silver, the pretty little thing had enough silver in it to catch my eye while the roses scrolled around the edges of the glass and the perfect lines of straight scrolls that became patterned looping scrolls screamed 1960's. I had to have it and so I treated myself to something I've been wanting to find for a long time. I was hoping to find the brush and comb that went along with the mirror but the friendly salesman explained that the mirror had come in as a solo item. Too bad. After the first Belgrade store we stopped in at three or four more before heading to Bozeman from frontage Road.

Just at the 19th Street exit we stopped in at Cashmen's Nursery to investigate their prices on soil amendments for the garden and then we drove up to Seventh Street and visited Murdoch's Nursery to compare prices. We walked around both nurseries enough for a bit of fatigue to set in but Kurt insisted that we continue on to most of the pawn shops on the Seventh Street strip, as he was in serious search of the item he simply had to have. When we entered a store named "New 2 You" my eye was immediately caught by a huge and beautiful hutch near the back of the store. I wandered off from Kurt, while he made a b-line for the tool section, only to discover that "New 2 You" had an antique furniture showroom that included a French Provincial dining room table that was so gorgeous my mouth fell open and din't close, I'm sure, for a full minute or two at least. It was one of the most unusual pieces I've ever seen and was indescribable in the English language so I won't attempt to paint a picture of this stunning furniture, rather, I will only tell you that it was drop dead Ga Ga gorgeous and I wanted it in the worst way. However, it didn't really belong in Montana with its smooth rounded lines accented by fast jabbing edges and its exquisite table top of actual tortoise shell and then there was the issue of it costing a cool $11,785.00 which of course I didn't exactly have enough quarters in my thrift shop coin purse to handle the bill. So I walked away for the incredible piece only to feel happy that at least I was able to see such a thing in the land of rustic log furniture, deer, bear, moose and elk head mounts in most homes I've had the pleasure to visit. Ah, Montana! Nothing like French Provincial here! Yes, that would go over really well on the prairie!

After quite some time Kurt finally located me in the back of the store looking at artwork of various strengths and weaknesses and then together we made our way over to the cowboy boot section, the fitness machine section, the vintage clothing section, the vintage glass-works section, the jewelry section and then out the door and heading for home. But not so fast, there were three more stores to stop at and so I tagged along strictly for the sake of being a good wife and not for the sake of curiosity. Ha ha. Unfortunately for Kurt he never did locate the special tool he needed but we had a great day anyway, out and about together, which happens far and few between his road trips and construction jobs.

It was quite a cold day today with dark clouds hovering over our pastureland and the wind coming off the snowy mountains was biting and mind numbing so instead of working in the garden, starting to prepare to plant seeds and starts, I spent the day cooking and cleaning and running errands. I did manage to make a trip out to the garden to add a bowl of compost from today's kitchen trimmings to the compost bin our neighbor and friend, Jeff, helped Kurt to construct for me on the edge of my garden. Bundled up as if it were December, I quickly dumped the contents of the stainless steel bowl, (onion skins and carrot ends and cucumber peeling, etc.,) and then I ran back to my kitchen where it was warm and cozy. Today, as most days here do, I was reminded that I don't live in just anyplace on the planet, I live in Montana and here one never knows what to expect. One day you can be doing nothing much at all and enjoying a mild Spring day and in just a moment you are dashing across your pasture trying to dodge a rain-burst from a system making its way from the North and that system could be dumping rain, snow, sleet or snow. Even in July. Inasmuch as I'm waiting with great anticipation to break out my nice navy blue Capri pants and white top to wear with blue sandals, or my lovely dress hanging in my closet now for quite some time without ever coming out, chances are I'll be wearing long pants with thermal underwear and my Carhart jacket for much of the rest of this year, minus a few weeks once we do actually see some warmer temperatures.

Montana remains a mystery to me and each and every day I'm enamored by it's audacity and ability to keep me on my toes with never ending surprises. Yes, indeed, I was surprised by pawn shops, and so many of them, and all of the wonderful things inside these shops that held such secrets of their own. I look forward to pawn shopping with Kurt again some day, perhaps I will find something to knock my socks off!

Be well and happy,

Susie Rosso Wolf

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