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Born in Santa Monica, California, I was raised in the small bedroom community of Sunkist Park that borders Culver City, Playa del Rey, Mar Vista and Venice. I attended Venice High School, West LA Community College and California Institute of the Arts. My studies included English, English Literature, Poetry, Creative Writing, Choir, Classical Voice, Shakespeare, Musical Theater, Television and Film Acting and Art History. In 1980, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest and in 1982 I married Kurt Wolf in Corvallis, Oregon. During the course of our long journey together, I have remained devoted to not only my husband, but to my friends and family, and the arts. What defines me most is my passion for expression through art. I’m an avid reader, writer and poet.I also enjoy painting and photography. Additionally, some folks consider me a pretty good cook.

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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

06.S06 Chapter Six, Snippet Six

The Jefferson River at Headwaters State Park, Three Forks, MT

“You guys would love it. I’m telling ya’ll, it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen in my life and Rob’s house is so perfect and his town is just like being in the old west with hitching posts outside the stores and everybody wears cowboy clothes and rides horses, you got to see it. And the stars at night are incredible they’re so bright and there’s so many you want to stay up all night looking up. I can’t go to sleep out there it’s so beautiful I walk around outside all night long talking to all the Indian spirits, Sue, you can feel them everywhere!”

“Indian spirits? Come on, now you’re going over board,” I said.

“No Sue, I’m serious. A lot of Indians died there right on our land and you can feel their spirits out there Sue I’m not kidding so I walk around at night while Rob and April are asleep and I talk to their spirits. The whole place is filled with spirits and history. There is this place close by our house called the Headwaters State Park where they have a memorial site set up and the graves of small children who died on the prairie during Indian attacks. It’s an amazing place, you would love it and oh, Sue I forgot to tell you, the whole place is called the Valley of The Flowers! During the spring and summer wild flowers grow all over the place and it’s the most beautiful thing I have ever seen you’ve got to come to see it I’m telling ya’ll!”

“But what about the winters there, aren’t you going to get sick of being cold?” Kurt asked.

“I’ve already lived through most of one winter there and it wasn’t bad at all. It’s a lot warmer in Three Forks than a lot of places in Montana cause Three Forks is what they call a banana belt; it’s got a tropical warm air flow going thru it. We actually get more rain there in the winter, not very much snow so it’s not that cold.”

“What about wind? Do they get much wind out there?” He inquired.

“No way, not like these Santa Anna winds ya’ll get out here. It’s so peaceful and quiet not even your Oregon can compare to this kind of life and I’ve just got to go live it. Sue! You’ve got to see this store they have on Main Street! This gal who owns it has all kinds of really cool women’s western clothes and boots, oooh girl, I’m telling ya, you’d go crazy over her stuff in there! And she is so nice too, all the people who own the stores there are nice and so friendly. Everybody says hello to you and smiles at you and when you’re driving everybody waves at you! Can you imagine that? You go from getting the finger or getting shot at to getting waved at with a smile!”

“I for one can’t believe you’re moving again, will you ever settle down?” I asked her.

“This is it for me you guys, I don’t have another move in me after this one, I’m getting too old for this stuff. Besides, I’ve finally found where I want to live for the rest of my life and so has Rob. We’re never gonna leave Montana”

“Tell us what your plans are, when you will be leaving, Brenda?” I asked

“As soon as I can sell off some of my furniture and other stuff, I’m having a garage sale next weekend. The minute I have gas money I’m hitting the road.”

“You’re driving alone?” Kurt asked.

“Yeah, so, what’s your point?”

“My point is it’s a long drive for a woman traveling alone.”

“Ah come on Kurt, you know me, I can handle it I’ve driven all over this dang country by myself, piece of cake my brother, piece of cake.”

“Kurt, not to change the subject, but, is the pool warm yet?” I asked him.

“Should be, want me to check?”

“No, that’s okay, I’m going to get ready, how about you Brenda?  Are you ready to get wet and relax?”

“Yes'em, I’ll get my suit and meet you outside.”

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