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Born in Santa Monica, California, I was raised in the small bedroom community of Sunkist Park that borders Culver City, Playa del Rey, Mar Vista and Venice. I attended Venice High School, West LA Community College and California Institute of the Arts. My studies included English, English Literature, Poetry, Creative Writing, Choir, Classical Voice, Shakespeare, Musical Theater, Television and Film Acting and Art History. In 1980, I relocated to the Pacific Northwest and in 1982 I married Kurt Wolf in Corvallis, Oregon. During the course of our long journey together, I have remained devoted to not only my husband, but to my friends and family, and the arts. What defines me most is my passion for expression through art. I’m an avid reader, writer and poet.I also enjoy painting and photography. Additionally, some folks consider me a pretty good cook.

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Sunday, May 29, 2011

03.S09 Chapter Three, Snippet Nine

New Prairie Woman
Susie Rosso Wolf
Chapter Three, con't

 She stood at the bedroom door and in her extra soft sweet voice she asked “Are ya all right?” I tried to choke out an answer but couldn't. My throat was completely closed up as I coughed and gagged gasping for breath. I heard the door open and Brenda came rushing in with a glass of water in her hand. She came to me, putting the glass up against my lips while holding my chin to keep steady. Mentally forcing myself to take a long enough reprieve from the violent jolts of this sudden episode, I sipped a tiny little sip and let the water trickle down my throat. Right away I knew it was what I needed so I coughed more, then drank more, again and again until I was finally able to gain control over my body. “My God, what happened? You scared me.”
“I don’t know, I just got hot all over and started coughing. Were you smoking in the house?”
“I’m so sorry, Sue, I couldn’t sleep and didn’t want to go outside so I was standing in the kitchen blowing the smoke out the back door.”
“Well apparently, it blew right back in the house and nearly killed me. You know I’m allergic to cigarette smoke, Brenda. I can’t be anywhere around it.”
“How does that happen? I mean, you smoked for twenty-five years. How can you be allergic to something you did for so long?”
“Do we have to discuss this right now? I’d like to get some sleep,” I said, then got up from the bed and grabbed my pillow.
“Where’re ya going?” She asked in her strong accent now.
“I’m going out to the sofa, I think I’ll be more comfortable out there, it’s too hot in here.”
“Oh, all right then. I’m sorry Sue, do you want me to open the winders?”
“Yes, please, just the one in the den, I’ll go in there.” She followed me into the den and while she attempted to tuck me in like a child, insisting on seeing to my every need, I waved her away, closed my eyes, rolled over facing the back side of the sofa.
“Good night again Sue, please forgive me,” She begged.
“Okay, good night,” I said as I tightened my eyes trying to force sleep. I listened with one ear up as she walked away, scuffling her feet within the mule slippers as she always had done, then I heard the back door creek open and realized that she went outside to smoke again. It broke my heart to think about it, how addicted she was to those cancer sticks, those smoke poles. I knew the addiction well, as she said herself, I did smoke for twenty-five years and it hadn’t been four full years since I had quit. The mere thought of my smoking addiction gave me the shivers as I traveled back to the night that changed my life forever.

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